Patriarchy has defined what we are as a species since 9000 B.C.E. In its 11,000-year-rule it turned our minds off what we are by evolution to make us believe that the foundation stone of our species is male.

Patriarchy did this by making names that would transmit the message of male creation. In 11,000 years Lords in patriarchy made over 20,000 names, symbols and concepts embedding male-bias in the development of language. These 20,000 names are almost always seen in isolation of one another. This is why we do not become aware of the magnitude of male bias in our language.

Every bias is a hatred of something, either hatred of fact, evidence or correct cause-and-effect relationship in reality. Every hatred is a false division of people aimed at gaining wealth, power and control accruing to elite males by making fem as fem invisible.

Language informs the mind. Thinking was warped with fake facts, specious evidence, and false cause-and-effect relationships. That is, patriarchy harmed the mind of BOTH sexes.

Following pages show how Lords developed language in their own interests.

In the beginning
Fem-based names & symbols
Language Research Project
The Argument: We're not "mankind."
Patriarchyís Timeline
Published Books
Patriarchy's Brand
About the Development of Language
Patriarchy's Core Religion
Names put out of usage