In the beginning was evolution and only evolution

After millions of years an animal evolved capable of walking upright, of making sounds and giving these sounds meaning. Tree, walk, … cave… thunder… "The capability for making sounds and giving them meaning" shows these animals had what we now call mind. All upright walking animals using speech had minds and sexed-differentiated bodies. They were mind-and-body animals, a duality of capabilities. In the beginning all were mind-and-body animals.

In the beginning…

There is only one beginning. When earth was formed in the cosmos. But, some self-important males in 9000BCE saw fit to politicize "in the beginning." In the evolution of the talking animal species the difference of sex was a visible one worth exploiting for their interests.

In 9000 BCE, 11,000 years ago, and very late in evolution, when little knowledge existed, a few self-important males wanting to control sexuality, made difference (in sex) equal division in capabilities. They would mislead people by making them believe sex was a division of body, and, ipso facto, a division of mind.

Difference=Division of mind and body. Names in language would repeat and make division Truth. This is the birth of politicization.

In 9000BCE the Sumer made "being male", good, being not-male, bad. Patriarchy's Timeline on shows how a male "God" created the world, and, "In the beginning" was the Word…of God!

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