Patriarchy's Core Religion

Official patriarchy began in 9000 BCE the day the Sumer named the penis Supreme Creator. (John M. Allegro) The names us, ah, el and u are names of the phallus Supreme Creator. This was followed by 6000 years of phallic worship in festivities, parades, celebrations carrying facsimiles of the male genitals. Allegro shows the male penis was represented by a vertical line/stick with two opposite horizontal lines/sticks representing the testicles. To carry the symbol required a stick for holding. It came to be called "the cross." The growth of systems-of-belief around belief-in-divine-penis began. Today, we know these as religions.

After 3000 BCE belief-in-divine-male-genitals would need to be reinforced in, with and through other names and symbols if the belief was to continue to become Truth. (See Patriarchy's Timeline) After Ptah, (ah - divine penis) the idea of making names in patriarchy's interest of broadcasting 'divine penis' began. Many names reinforcing belief in sacred male genitals were coined. Names, politically sexed, embed male bias. Embedment made the bias invisible.

Names would communicate the power, control, and dominance of the male sex over the not-male sex. Language concerning our species would carry this goal. Male bias in names became patriarchy's modus operandi. As it turned out, the central role of penis-supreme-creator in language worked for patriarchy.

The slow pace this was happening over thousands of years, name by name, went unnoticed. Since names are seen in relative isolation (of others) it was not readily noticeable. The language about our species, about 20,000 names embedding male bias, made it fact that the male possesses a divine attribute, and that male beings have a higher value than not-male beings. Males should rule. Today, the 'gods' of the 'great' religions are male.

The growth in patriarchy's male-bias-in-names led to what is today called 'hu man' language. Where this comes from is easily traced.

In 2400 BCE, Manu of the Hindi, not satisfied only with phallic worship, subjugated the whole not-male gender to the whole male gender by law. He made legal the subjugation of the less-valued-not-male-sex to the divine-valued-sex. This is the first legalization of slavery, which advanced male dominance. The morpheme 'man' in Manu's name, is the guiding light for male-bias seen as good for the species. 'Man', today, is the core religion sustaining patriarchy.

Up to the 11th Century the 'not-male' had called herself fem and her sex feme, and 'wer' maal. Up to the 11th Century our species were called 'sapiens.' So, up to the 11th Century our species was defined as:
Sapiens consist of the feme named fem and the maal named wer.

In the 11th Century patriarchy renamed the male man and fem wo +man. Wo +man is like adding ap to fig to name the apple a fig. And lo, fem became a wo man. (She no longer had the right to name herself. Naming herself showed she had a mind as well as genitals.)

Wo man became a fact.
In the 13th Century a poet changed feme to fe +male to rhyme with male. The 'm' in feme helped the change appear natural. The change was not challenged.

Fe male became a fact!
In the 13th Century patriarchy added hu to man. Since fem was now a (wo) man a name had to be coined that would appear to include her as a man. Named after Manu, man and woman as human guaranteed patriarchy, feudalism and slavery forever. Named after Manu both had to believe they were men.

Hu man became a fact.
The new Truth: Man(kind) consists of man and woman as human. Manu must have smiled in his grave. Repetition, magical, mysterious and mechanical, made mankind a fact. The problem here is: almost all the laws of logic and good reasoning are broken. Fact-based naming is flushed down the toilet, the search for evidence not worth any trouble. Cause-and-effect relations become pretzels. So, let's take a close look at: Man(kind) consists of man and woman as human.

We start by stating a basic irreducible and irrefutable premise:
To be man in reality entails ONLY being male.
1, there's no such entity on the planet as a not-male man, wo man (There are no not-negative electrons on the planet) But a not-male man is a 'fact' in man.
2, a man-that's-not-a-man, wo man, is gibberish (Is there a giraffe that's not a giraffe walking on planet earth?) Wo man, is a fact in man.
3, fe +male is a (male)-sex-that's-not-male (Are there waters that are not wet waters on planet earth?) Fe male is a fact in man.
4, man cannot be both male and not-male (Can an electron be both negative and positive?) Man is both, a fact in man.
5, man is and is not male, gibberish. But a fact in man.
6, wo, fe and hu don't change man male into man not male. Sounds don't change physicality. (Fig added to 'ap' in apfig does not make the apple a fig)
7, In man sounds change physicality: a fact in man.
8, wo 'men' exist, men-that-aren't-men: a fact in man
9, (wo) man is a not-male man/a fe +male man. Gibberish. But fact in man.
10, hu +man includes a man-that's-a-man and a man-that's-not-a-man state that man is both male and not-male. More gibberish (Maybe the crocodile is both a crocodile and an alligator!) Two 'men' exist: A fact in man.
11, wo and hu added to man, show man is divine. A fact in man.
12, Man has super-natural powers; he is mysteriously both male and not-male. A fact in man.
13, If 'wo' refers to wife, the name of a role is not an entity. Honey-makers is a role, the name of honey-makers is bees. But fem is (wo) man, a fact in man. Being man, male, and being the male-created-not-male-sex as "the opposite sex", the central role of male-supremacy as creator is manism. In manism, prefixed by 'hu', a tongue that named 'creation' into reality, phallic fantasy underwrites the whole scaffold of hu manity central to male divinity. From 9000 BCE up to today patriarchy developed language in its own self-interest to keep its ruling power, wealth, and control over the masses. Humanism is a 'secular' defense of man in his central role as supreme creator.
14, 20,000 names about our species embed male bias supporting the goal of making our species believe in male divinity. God is a fact. Big-Male-in-Sky exists.
15, Belief that wo might mean wife does not change anything: wife is the name of a role, not the name of an entity.
16, The definition of mankind repeating 'man' several times does not bring in the factor of mind. Genital identity: male and not-male. In man we are our genitals, no minds. Mind is not in the definition; ergo, belief in divine penis is a religion. The mind is not necessary.
17, 20,000 names embedding male bias support 'man's religion, hu manism, the core religion in all religions on earth born out of Ptah's marvelous tongue 'hu' to Allah, earth's youngest Big-Male-in-Sky. (Born in 6th C)

Evidence of male fantasy and lies fit together: man is a religion.
Patriarchy's hard focus on small and big differences between male and not-male bolster the value of the male while lowering the value of the feme, making her believe she's weak and submissive. But equality in 'man' is not possible. As 'opposite', not-male-man, she has less value. The 20,000 male-biased names came in name by name over thousands of years. We did not become aware of what was happening to the mind. We did not contextualize that the development of language in His self interest was happening name by name, harming both of us... making us enemies of one another, force and violence underwriting the sham. (See Radicalization)

In "sapiens consist of the feme named fem and the maal named wer' this tells us sapiens consist of the feme mind named fem and the male mind named man. Evolution is back on reality's track: fem and man evolved simultaneously with the capabilities to make sounds and give these sounds meaning to develop language that informs the mind about reality in order to develop moral civilization.

Making-and-giving sounds meaning implies existence of mind.
Plenty of evidence exists that fem speak, make sounds and give them meaning. Sapiens is a name based on all five senses of fem and man contributing to the act of making sounds and giving them meanings, thus developing language as partners for the wise development of moral civilization.

Sapiens can step out of the phallic-bloated ideology that is humanism to step into the reality of sexed-differentiated thinking-and-feeling minds. Sapiens takes in our ability to create balance between mind and sexuality. Symbols, such as sapience, sapient and sapiential give our species a much broader spectrum of thinking activity to define our acts and actions. And as Martha Stewart would say, "And that's a very good thing,"

In man male genital-based dogmas battle the not-male, stopping the feme mind from being fem. "The perfectibility of man" is the perfectibility of bias in a phallic toga called "knowledge-of-god-male." It grew out of the thousands of biased names imposed in, with and through phallic-based language.

Many religions grew out of the phallic ideology that came out of patriarchy's feudalism, power and slavery, name by name, as each name was needed. The religion of man, tying mind to male genitals, set up in the 11th and 13th Centuries feeds into father-god religions. Worship of man-divine is core of all geographically identified 'great' religions, massive male bias sourced in language 11,000 years in the making.

Humanism defends religion's Adam extracted from Jewish/Christian/ Islamic religions, trumpeting it as secular. The central male-creation-role in "man consists of man and woman as human" where being man entails only being male, needs blind faith. Secular benefit comes from the name ben, Hebrew, -> benefit, means son, whence bar mitzvah. Barren means 'without son'. The centrality of the male in the world is fact.

Fem as fem is nowhere in sight. Sals (daughters) are not desirable.
It's not preposterous to say patriarchy needs the guarantee in the name man. Today, we see with our own eyes that the species is dysfunctional. From Saudi Arabia to Canada nations and states are in some form of masculinist-founded disarray and corrupt.

And why feminism is a worldwide movement.
Officially begun in 9000 BCE by bestowing divinity on Phallus patriarchy proceeded with phallic fantasies, super-natural events, magic acts, grand mysterious creations issuing from a divine penis full of biased names having little to do with reality, that misconstrue, misinform and mislead, all of which are not useful to sapiens, causing great conflict and terrorizing violence on a grand scale to keep power over the kept-ignorant masses. Is this what we want? Is this what we need? Language mattersÖ a lot.

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