Language Research Project

I was born into a French family. French was our everyday language. When I was 7 years old I learned English at school and learned that my mother was a 'femme' in French, but a 'woman' in English. I asked my parents why, in English, my mother had 'man' in her name. They didn't know. But my dislike of 'man' in the name of one who wasn't a man never left me.

As I got older I became aware that many names contained 'man' and that this is "the way it is." Later, I began listing names containing 'man'. As I did this I found that 'man' was not the only male bias, that brother, father, etc., were also prevalent. In 1963 I set about searching for and listing all the names addressing specifically our species. I collected 20,000 symbols across the Indo-European languages addressing the speech-using species by reading dictionaries, like people read novels, while studying in France. I read dictionaries in London, Oxford, Leeds and Paris, guided by sociology Professor Paul and Dr. Mlle D'Archambault, Dean of Archaeology, l'universite D'Aix.

Scanning the list, I saw that over 90% of names embedded male-bias. To help me see the 'picture' I wrote them on 3x4" cards and put them up on the wall. I was better able to connect them and examine their inter-relationships. I then selected 10,000 of the most recent and relevant, making about 8 categories.

I looked at etymology, origins, borrowings, cultural imitations, appropriations, intended message, as well as hidden message, historical development, linguistic techniques and formulas invented and used, aim and purpose of the symbol or name, actual meaning, modern usage and recurring patterns in them, etc. I analyzed them to see how this language influenced mind, knowledge and truths. The whole was the history of patriarchy's development of language.

My book, Breaking the Patriarchal Code, 1996, Knowledge Ideas & Trends, Manchester Ct, lists 10,000 names embedding male bias, with charts and tables on relational aspects of the language patriarchy developed in its own interest. (Only a few copies left for sale)

I have written several articles on patriarchy and the development of language on Titles: Patriarchy's Timeline, Patriarchy's PTR (formula) vs. mtr (formula), Patriarchy's Core Religion, Patriarchy's Holy Virility (book by Emmanuel Reynaud,) and several other articles.

My hope is that fem takes back her name. Fem is a distinct being with a distinct perspective on life. This perspective is what she has by birth. She can put checks and balances to (male) Supremacy begotten through bias. On Twitter: fem11

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