Patriarchy's Timeline, and Louise Gouëffic

Patriarchy ruled for 11,000 years giving Lords the time to make 20,000 names embedding male-bias, names in their own self-interest.

1, 9,000 B.C.E. The Sumerians saw resemblance of the mushroom Amanita muscaria to the erect penis as a sign the phallus was Creator God. John M. Allegro, a linguistic scientist shows how the Sumerians, 11,000 years ago, created names carrying the meaning of phallus-as-Supreme-Creator. The names for Phallus Supreme Creator were short one or two character names, us, U, ab, el, and ah, etc. These are embedded in the names of most of the Supreme Creators people worship. (wor, fr L. vir /vir/ man -> wer -> wor) "In the beginning was the Word" - Bible: "The Word of God." This bridges 9000 B.C.E. to 2018 C.E.

Divine phallus: us as in Phallus, Zeus, Jesus, masculus, deus, Priapus, ah as in Yahweh, Allah and Jehovah, Yahweh, messiah, and U as in Manu and /J/upeter. It created the first inequality-in-value between the sexes, decreed by Phallus Creator.

Sanctified power added value to male genitals, it gave him the wow! attribute of divinity. Needing the vulva for insemination, and the uterus, the not-male being had less value because she didn't have a divine penis. The difference in genitals divides them. He's the doer: name-maker, she's passive: (his) name-user. Inequality-in-sex = inequality-in-value.

This needs to be repeated ad infinitum to imprint it on the mind, and believed as Truth. Repetition through 11 centuries expanded Phallus in a set of names making people believe in the higher-value of the penis as natural, and even moral, as if "this is just the way things are." 6000 years of phallic worship in festivals, celebrations and parades followed.

2, 3000 B.C.E. Ptah, 'ah', divine penis, had a marvelous tongue he named "Hu." Hu said, "Let there be water, and lo, there was water. Let there be land, and lo, there was land. Let there be... and lo, there was ..." Belief in the magic-of-names to control minds is evident here. Elite males, Lords, saw Phallus could expand control through names used in language. Adding to their control by names became the goal of elite males, Lords, the henchmen in patriarchy. Language made the masses believe in Phallus King, the male-god-in-the-sky.

3, 2400 B.C.E. Manu of the Hindi, u, divine penis, "subjugated half the species to the male half" by LAW. Code of Manu. Sloka V. This reinforced inequality set by Phallus/Devine Penis in 9000 B.C.E. High illiteracy did not prompt the law being questioned.

The law begs the motive. Since Penis was sacred for 6000 years, did Lords want free access to the vulvas on planet earth? Was the law to free males from the responsibility for their sexuality? Did Lords believe virility to be so holy that vulvas ought to be accessible to Lords and all males -by law- all the time?

From Manu's law, the world-wide patterns of male dominance and not-male submission, prescribed in name, language and law, emerged, grew, and practiced to this day. With brothels, rape, porn, sexual harassment…

4, Circa 1400 B.C.E. The Hebrews name their 'Phallus' Emmanuel. Also, as Immanuel, el, the, manu (em/im) in (us). Manu, his law, and Phallus, all honoured in name and reinforced, repeating that male is divine and sacred, confirming to illiterate masses that males are higher-in-value: holy-by-association. The broadcasting of male divinity creates deeper belief in sexual inequality as being an attribute of the species due to the nature in the sexual differences between male and not-male genitals, prescribed by Phallus. Circular thinking is one of patriarchy's greatest talents.

5, Circa 200 B.C.E. Romans put "the authoritative control of the husband over the wife," into LAW: "The Manus." (us - Phallus.) The law and the historical belief in sanctified virility in higher males, holy in the Holy Roman Empire deepens belief in the inequality of the sexes. After 10,000 years of institutionalized inequality due to difference in sex, prescribed by Phallus, transmutes the belief in male-divinity into knowledge: inequality is True.

The Roman LAW came on the heels of Aristotle's pronouncement, "Women are by nature inferior to men, and must therefore be subordinate to, and ruled by, men." (Italics mine) Half the mind of the species muted, defined as son-bearers, are made servile to virility: This makes Phallus: Supreme Creator: Male-god-in-sky exists.

6, The common Latin name 'manus', hand, with its 'us' suffix denoting holy-in-Phallus, was everyday currency before "The Manus" LAW. Ignorance at the time stopped illiterate and uneducated masses from looking at the differences between lower case manus and higher case Manus. This sleight-of-hand magic is repeated in word and Word, 'wor', L., man, male. High case and low case letters were not understood by uneducated masses. The lower-case manus, hand, and higher-case Manus, law, is the slick trick grab of the male-hand-of-control.

The us, divine-denoting name in Phallus, is today's third person pronoun. "For us men and our salvation," in the Lord's Prayer. Politics made holy… Following this, the Romans confected the Truth of 'One in the Man-head', which went to religion's 'One in the Godhead'. 'God', coined16th C, a substitute for "Phallus". The term encephalic, in the head, from Sumerian belief in Phallus. In the phallic intelligence of Lords who entitled themselves to be the name-makers, phalic -> phallic, like mater -> matter. Lords fixed language in their own self-interest. The masses be damned. Up to the 11th Century we were fem and wer, as sexes, maal and feme. In the 11 Century patriarchy renamed wer, man, and fem, (wo)man to support patriarchy and feudalism and slavery. 7, In the 13 Century patriarchy adds 'hu' to man, to include two-men-of-opposite-sexes, excluding fem as fem. A poet changes feme to fe +male to rhyme with male. Patriarchy takes in this mutilation. In the 16th Century the name God is coined. Was "Phallus" too obvious?

8, Around 1789 C.E. Le Droit de l'Homme et le Citoyen is drafted in France, The Rights of Man by Thomas Paine in 1791, Great Britain (homme - Fr. man, male)

9, In 1948 The United Nations adopts The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Man is "two-men-of-opposite-sexes" - fact. True. Don't question it.

Systems of feudalism with slavery, under Lords, were practiced until about 1843 C.E. and even to 1960, with 'illegal' slavery practiced to this day. And neoslavery beginning.

Note: The name man is in all 9 events in history: begun with the a/man/ita muscaria as the sign Phallus has divinity. Only the male has a penis. Being man in reality entails only being male.

10, From the 13th Century on, the prescription is Man consists of the male, man, and the female, woman, as human, the political identity of the species for 11,000 years since Sumerians made Phallus Divine. In the prescription, man is used nine times, male twice. No evidence, premises, records or etymological information define/describe what the two members and the species are in their respective categories. Male-bias is the norm, Truth; this is the way it is.

Eventually the political state of the name man came to override any relevant facts or evidential state seen in the reality about what the species actually was as a species, which, in reality, is a speech-using and speech-making one.

Instead, patriarchy recklessly bulldozed all evidence to create abracadabra two men of opposite sexes: man(kind), imposing with cocksure confidence that man is the correct name for the whole species. The grammatical law for unknown gender: the pronoun he.

The speech-using animals were put on the saw-toothed single track of two opposite male beings developing the species along the bigger saw-toothed single track called man. This may be what feminists label as linear. Linear circularity is patriarchal logic.

Patriarchy prescribed difference-in-genitals=male-mind & feme-body Our minds, the competent organ that loves true-to-reality names to develop language and knowledge, were not in the picture. Patriarchy dumbed-down the masses with differences=divisions=inequalities.

Patriarchy's damage to the mind of both sexes is as serious as global warming. Almost beyond repair. The Lords-in-power had no checks and balances; they were free-from-all rules and regulations to make names, language, law and lies. They "blessed" men's get-obscenely-rich schemes, and war-mongering, all OK ... all the way to a crisis in global warming, unknowingly brought about by a species rendered almost dysfunctional by firm belief in male bias. ©2018

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