Names put out of usage

Registered in The English Dialect Dictionary 1900, and Century Dictionary Encyclopedia 1911. They have been delisted from most dictionaries. Delisting words from dictionaries puts names out of usage. A name that is not in the dictionary it’s not a name in common usage. All the following were in common language pre-1911: most were put out of usage

feme sole – a single feme

feme covert – a married feme, one ‘covered’ by a husband

feme line – maternal blood line

femble – strongest hemp in nature, also as fimble

femicide – the killing of a fem

femmil – strength, active, firmness, athletic, also as fim, quick, and fimr, nimble

femlans – the remains of a feast

fimele, also as femele, cannabis brevior

femmer, slight, slender, made femmersome

femino, pertaining to a fem

femic, characteristic of a fem

femmel, selection of the best, and throwing out inferior articles.

femmerell, lantern on roof of kitchen

Other names not in the Anglo-Saxon tradition:

femme, French, fem

feminal, Latin, fr. femina -> feminine -> to feminate, to make strong

femulus, Latin, ‘us’ masc. end -> famula, household slave -> family

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